Samples of Our Work

Client Spotlight: Affordable HomeCare
Michigan Senior Home Care Services

Website Video Intro

The client wanted their website video to feature client testimonials. Their feature video was longer to appeal to sons and daughters who needed more information to make an informed decision.

The video has proved helpful to concisely conveying Affordable Homecare’s capabilities at the press of a button.

The owners remain pleased with the video’s results in educating and attracting new clients.


“I don’t think we could have accomplished the final product without Daron’s marketing skills.”

– Austin Adair, CFO
Affordable HomeCare

A Word From the Owner

“I got a (marketing) guy that understands marketing real well; and I got a guy who has the heart to understand relationships.”

– Greg Adair, Founder
Affordable HomeCare

Content Marketing Bank

According to the owner, “We were spinning our wheels for over two years trying to improve our marketing.”

From a thorough discovery process as part of creating a Content Marketing Bank, we positioned the company as “experts” in the home care arena.

New collateral marketing materials were developed to reflect a more concise, crisp and compelling message. Then we developed a landing page video.




Client Spotlight: Independent Window Repair
Michigan’s Home Repair Authority

Content Marketing Bank

IWR has enjoyed annual record growth since its inception over 20 years ago. However, Mr. Cipriano refuses to rest on his achievements.

Daron Powers was invited into refine  and invigorate IWRs marketing. He worked with the owner and his team to create a Content Marketing Bank (CMB).

The findings of the CMB are collated into a binder and is like downloading the genius of the owner to create additional sales and  tactical marketing tools.

Website Video Introduction

Above is a 37 second website introduction video.

In the first year we updated IWRs marketing strategy including new sales letters,refined print, radio, TV ads and began using online website video as demonstrated on the left and pictured below.


Matthew Cipriano, President/CEO
IWR, Chesterfield Township

In the first year we updated IWR’s marketing strategy including new sales letters and refined print, radio and TV ads.

The second season we worked with Matt’s sales consultants to improve their process and build relevant tactical selling tools including the use of video. The sales consultant’s performance improved by 17%. 




Client Spotlight: Cold Forming Technology
North America’s Leading Spline & Thread Rolling Specialists, Serving The Global Market

Content Marketing Bank

John Donnelly (MBA in Marketing) called after reading an article by Daron Powers published in the Michigan Business Professional Association. Together with Mr. Donnelly’s staff, they worked through a marketing discovery process and developed a practical plan to reveal the companies difference. The story became the new face of the companies website along with tactical marketing tools now used in promoting the company.

Trade Show Video Wall

After building a Content Marketing Bank for their website we recommended a video to help with SEO and add more interest for prospects viewing their website.


“I just returned from China, where following up on some leads.  Even though I’m not the engineer, I felt very confident that the material I had with me was more than adequate to present our company, abilities and products.”




Client Spotlight: Legacy Periodontics
Your Smile is Our Legacy

Collateral Marketing

Dr. Wolf, D.D.S.

The doctor’s marketing manager was frustrated because people around town had no idea who Dr. Wolf was, let alone his extraordinary level of professional care. With Daron Powers extensive background as a 10 year veteran in the Dale Carnegie Leadership Systems the first order of business was to get the doctor’s team on the same page.

Next, collateral marketing materials were developed featuring a special offer that grew business over 30% within two years.

Video Introduction

A short landing page video was developed to answer key questions that reduced fears and opened the door to making the first contact with the office.


We developed 7 key testimonials videos that have worked wonders to reduce the fear of working with a doctor new to the patient.




Client Spotlight: Kwaske Construction
Third Generation Owner of Kwaske Construction

Developing the Script

Third generation owner of Kwaske Construction attended a speaking presentation hosted by the BBB featuring Daron Powers. At the conclusion of the event Daron was approached by Steve Kwaske to do a video for his company. Daron asked, “Why us?” Steve said, “I’ve been looking for over two years for a competent professional who actually knows something about creating a compelling marketing message. I’m surrounded by video production folks in Jackson MI. They all want to shoot my video, but all they talk about is the high end gear they own. Video Marketing Edge is all about the message reaching the intended audience.”

Website Video Introduction

Sadly,contractors are cursed with a poor reputation. The bad ones cast a shadow on the good ones. This intro video was designed to put to rest common fears home owners and business people have when trying to make an informed decision about whom to trust, and whom to hire.

Today effective communication is not just about selling products and services. Consumers and B2B dislike “spin.” Our objective is to portray businesses as “real” without the traditional hype. The result is greater authenticity and a better likelihood of connection with viewers.

“It’s our busy season. By this time we’d have 4 solid projects on the board. This year we are at 13 projects and counting. The video is getting the phone to ring.”

– Steve Kwaske, Kwaske Construction


The video has worked brilliantly as seen by the above testimonial from the owner Steve Kwaske who has since asked for four more videos.

A Well-Crafted Personalized Web Video Helps to Establish Your Brand With an Honest Connection




Client Spotlight: Fort Clarkston
Family Entertainment Center located in Clarkston Michigan

Making the Concept Easy to Share

Owners wanted to upgrade visitors web experience and get their concept across in a couple of minutes with the press of a button.

Over 2,000 Views in Less Than 1 Week

Within less than one week there were over 2000 eyeballs on this video via Facebook. The video has made the Fort Clarkston concept easy to share with other parents.