Content Marketing Bank

The Video Marketing Edge Supports Growing Companies With Marketing Strategy
and Tactical Tools, to Drive More Sales, and Increase Profitability

Who is Responsible When Ads, Promotions, and Social Media Fail Because They Are Not Bringing You All the Leads You Expect?

Over the years I’ve heard decision makers quickly blame their advertisers or social media providers for the lack of results. Sometimes it’s well justified.

Promo ads and social media may bring the eyeballs. However, if the companies messaging and systems are weak, unclear, or simply do not follow through and speak to the intended audience, then the results are fewer conversions and money is needlessly wasted.

However, with robust internal systems, an informed staff, and access to a well-developed Content Marketing Bank, one that breaks through common messaging roadblocks experienced in print and digital media, then promotional efforts can bring greater returns and improved profitability.

That’s why our Content Marketing Bank process amplifies promo, ads, and social media efforts because it breaks through the consumers lack of time, energy, distractions, and general skepticism to better absorb your message and offer.

Our job is to help you prove your case in a way that differentiates you and your business so you are perceived as the trusted choice. As you grab attention, engage, inform, and generate more qualified leads, you better leverage money spent on your promo, ads, and social media.

It’s Not Enough to Claim You Are Technically Competent, the Most Professional, Highest Quality, Best Service… You Must Prove Your  Difference

That’s why our work truly supports your marketing communication by developing… 

  • Content that makes promo, ads, and social media produce more leads.
  • Content with a Core Story that educates and touches your intended audience.
  • Content that is easily accessible and works for the life of your business.
  • Content that builds true value, proves your case, and truly sets your business apart.
  • Content that consistently positions you as the trustworthy experts you already are.

What is the Ultimate PERCEPTION You’d Like Clients to Have About Your Company?

The challenge is that many business communication tools like print, media, or live presentation information are often developed in isolation by assorted providers such as staff members, web developers, graphic artists, ad salespeople, etc.

Add different departments each with their own take on what the business should say, how to say it, their difference, and suddenly prospects get mixed messages.

Without a clear marketing strategy or defined core story the result are Islands of Impressions. This can be confusing to prospects as well as employees, staff members and account representatives.

Let’s Get Everyone on the Same Page

That’s what a Content Marketing Bank can do for your business.

  • All your relevant content and client decision-making information in one location.
  • Internal marketers or external providers have easier access and don’t have to hound you for content.
  • It makes succession planning easier and adds value when selling your business.

So if the business is sold, then a well-crafted and populated Content Marketing Bank takes the guesswork out of marketing, communication, and makes the business worth more in dollars and sense. It’s like franchising your marketing.

Content Marketing Bank FAQ

What is a Content Marketing Bank? (CMB)

A Content Marketing Bank (CMB) is developed for a business that wants to quickly and efficiently develop/refine their marketing strategy and position themselves as “experts.”The CMB ensures their message is consistent, unified across all digital and print platforms, and connects directly to the target audience.

Who is the CMB for?

The Content Marketing Bank (CMB) is for companies of all sizes who do not want to rely upon working reps, sales, staff, amateurs, or expensive ad agencies to generate their marketing message.

Or, if marketing tools are outsourced, the CMB standardizes the message, the brand, and becomes a starting point for outside contractors like web developers, graphic artists, ad salespeople, etc. to create effective promotion while maintaining consistency.

Why Should Our Biz Have One?

A CMB is developed for businesses that don’t have the time or expertise to develop a strong differentiating message that positions them as industry authorities, and proves their case much like a competent and convincing attorney. The CMB provides a solid foundation even for an existing marketing department. It allows marketing tools to be developed quickly, creatively, and efficiently without distractions or wasting of staff time.

What Makes a CMB Effective?

A CMB helps to truly differentiate and build value to slice through skepticism, distractions, and the usual boring language like “most professional, highest quality, best service,” etc. to quickly establish greater trust and credibility. While perceived value rises, price resistance lowers. Thus, improving profit margins.

How Do We Get Our Own CMB?

The BASIC CMB starts with 3 scheduled meetings about one week apart. Each meeting has a specific objective to generate, collect and organize critical marketing information into a system. For example: Session One: Discovery, Analysis, Differentiation Session Two: Headlines, Attention Getters Session Three: Strategy, Master Letter, The Offer

You represent a high level of expertise. But your audience may not always have that same perception. Simply having lots of marketing resources like an attractive website, glossy brochure, an expensive ad, networking activity, or even a warm referral is no guarantee that your target audience truly gets your commitment, difference or authority. Like a great attorney, you must build your case. It’s not enough to claim you are the most professional, the highest quality, have the best service and so on. Our job is to help you prove your case in a way that truly differentiates you and your business so you are the trusted choice.

Our Goal is Simple. Develop a Truly Effective Content Marketing Bank Content that touches your intended audience. Content that is easily accessible and lives for the life of your business and beyond. Content that builds true value, proves your case, and sets your business apart. Content that consistently positions you as the trustworthy experts you already are.